Political consultant and communications guru Ryan McCollum knows a thing or two about getting his word out.

And he was happy to share his secrets on a recent visit to Prof. Mary Ellen Lowney’s Public Relations class.

On a rainy morning in late March, there was a ray of sunshine that cut through the gloomy Monday vibes accompanied by the torrential downpours: in the form of a political marketer.

McCollum, owner of RMC Strategies of Springfield, held a special presentation that outlined his work with political candidates on the local, state and national levels. He reached out with his expertise of AIC majors in Communication, Marketing and Political Science, all heavily intrigued.

Born and raised in Springfield, McCollum was a Political Science major with a minor in History at Marist College. That, along with an internship under former state Senator and Majority Leader Linda Melconian helped steer him on his career pathway.


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